An Introduction

Welcome to Grace. Music. Ministry.! For the first post, I wanted to give an explanation for the blog name, and a bit of the purpose behind it.


We are saved by grace alone, and it is by God’s grace that we are enabled to live the Christian life. We “stand” in grace (Rom. 5:2): it is underneath us, supporting us; it is above us, protecting us; it is around us, teaching us. And it is with grace in our hearts that we are to sing: “singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord” (Col. 3:16).


Music is a wonderful gift from God. As Christians, we are instructed to sing (Eph. 5:16; Col. 3:16). By God’s grace, I am aware of the dangers of ungodly music, and I want to help spread knowledge of this deadly virus that is sweeping so many churches. God has also given me a love and a passion for good music, and I want to spread a passion for godly music among God’s people.


In God’s church, “all things” are to “be done unto edifying” (I Cor. 14:26). The goal of our music must be twofold: firstly, to glorify God (Psalm 29:9; I Cor. 10:31), and secondly, to teach each other; in other words, to minister to each other (Col. 3:16). If our music doesn’t minister, then we have failed.

I hope that this blog will be a blessing to those who read it, and that all will be encouraged to sing with grace in their hearts, to listen to and sing godly music, and to minister to each other in song in the local church.


Anonymous said...

Your poem is a blessing! Keep posting them! We'll be checking in regularly. God bless you as you continue to serve Him.
Pastor and Mrs. Homan

Bill said...

Alright Brent! It's about time this blog got off the ground :) Just want to give a shoutout to Chad as well for the visual development of the blog - good job so far! I'm not familiar with the term 'con grazia' - care to enlighten me?

Brent Karding said...

Thanks Bill! I told your positive comment on the blog to Chad. As for the term "con grazia," it is a musical term that means "with a graceful, flowing style" ( "Grazia" is the Italian word for "grace." As the title of the blog is about "grace," and as the blog is about music as well, I thought "con grazia" covered both subjects. Thanks for reading!

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