CD Review: God Gives a Song

There are some CDs that contain 3 or 4 songs that stand out, that you listen to over and over again. Other CDs contain so many wonderful songs that it is an almost impossible task to select only a few as your favourites!

God Gives a Song is one of the latter kind of CDs. It is not a new CD (published in 1998), but The WILDS A Cappella Chorale have outdone their previous recording, On My Journey Home, which is an enjoyable CD as well. There is a pleasant variety among the 18 tracks. The arrangements are well-chosen, and the chorale sings them with gusto, feeling, and excellent technique and pitch.

I like The WILDS’ practice of beginning their CDs with an energetic, joyful song, and using a calmer song as the second track. The second track, Grace, has been an encouragement to me. The song is soothing, and the choir communicates the message sweetly.

The arrangement of When I Survey the Wondrous Cross is one of the best tracks. The whole song is one beautiful, moving crescendo. I remember listening to this CD while driving my sister to a musical competition. As I listened to When I Survey, I was moved to tears by the words: “Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all.” The beauty of the music touched my soul at that point. What the 20th century songwriter E. Y. Harburg wrote is true: “Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.” The vital thought that I ought to give my life to God because of His sacrifice on the cross was communicated by the vehicle of godly music, and that powerful combination moved me deeply.

The arrangement of the gospel song ‘Tis Marvelous and Wonderful, the eleventh track, is an example of simple yet beautiful part-writing. The song flows energetically from beginning to end without letting up, and the texture is wonderfully homophonic and hymn-like.

The next song, Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart, provides a beautiful contrast. I love the rich sound of the four-part (or three-part?) men’s harmony in the first verse.

O for a Thousand Tongues is a joyous arrangement, fitting to the hymn. I often hear the chorale singing the words, “Hear Him, ye deaf,” from this arrangement as I play the hymn in church.

Sherry Oliver Trainer’s clear, beautiful high soprano voice rings out powerfully in many of the songs. Her high note at the end of When I Survey makes chills go down my spine. Her solo in the sixteenth track, Lord, I Need You is pure and inspiring.

I recommend this CD very highly! It would make an excellent addition to any Christian’s musical library. I appreciate the high standard of musical excellence and the spiritual quality and ministry of the songs. This CD has been a great blessing to me personally and, in my opinion, this is the one of the best CDs that The WILDS has produced.

Places to purchase the CD:

Light of Faith Resources
Old Fashioned Christian Radio Music Store


van said...

i wish i could have one. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wish I could listen to this album for free! God bless

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