CD Review: I'll Pray Again

A friend of mine recently told me about a music CD by Ben Everson. I had heard a previous CD made by him, but hadn’t listened to any of his songs recently. God has blessed Bro. Everson with a great talent. He has a tremendous musical range, evidenced by his recordings of men’s quartets in which he sings all the parts (and sounds great in singing them, I might add). Placed online in July 2009, his new CD is called I’ll Pray Again.

Bro. Everson has written or arranged some of the songs on this CD. In the familiar hymn Brethren, We Have Met to Worship, he is the only vocalist, singing in his one-man a capella quartet. I enjoyed some of the harmonies in this one, especially at the end of the piece.

I’ll Pray Again, the title track, is the first song I heard from this album. It encouraged my heart, and strengthened my desire to write godly music to encourage believers. The song has been a blessing to my local church as well. You can purchase and download the song sheet for this song and four other of his songs from Lulu. Free sheet music for three songs (including The Final Account, which you can read about in the next paragraph) is available at Bible Revival.

The Final Account is a convicting song, with words written by Charles Wesley, and a gentle melody written by Bro. Everson. This song will help you to “be sober” (I Peter 1:13) in the Biblical sense of the word.

Besides songs written by Bro. Everson, there are some familiar pieces included: Wings As Eagles, by Ron Hamilton of Majesty Music, is a welcome addition. The old favourite Its Still the Blood is sung with great feeling and energy by the same one-man quartet.

This was an enjoyable CD. The orchestration is professionally done, and Bro. Everson’s voice is smooth and pleasing to listen to. The style is conservative; not quite as much as The WILDS, but much more conservative than most “Christian” music these days. You can purchase individual tracks, or download the whole CD in mp3 format for $9.99 USD from DigStation.

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