The Full Weight of My Faith

I have been studying different arguments recently, which attempt to prove the existence of God in varying ways. One argument for God’s existence is the cosmological argument, also known as the argument from first cause. Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, taught that the creator did not create the universe out of nothing, but rather took something called “necessity,” which co-existed with the creator, and organized it into what is now our universe. Aristotle taught something similar, although he and Plato disagreed about the nature of what the creator organized to form everything that is. In the following centuries, many others, such as Thomas Aquinas, posited their own ideas about the universe’s origin. The millennia-wide study of philosophy abounds in innumerable, differing and irreconcilable ideas about God!

I look in vain at all the reasonings of men for hope and certainty. The sum of the speculations and philosophisings of the wisest men is a whirling sea of contradictions, confusions, and inconstancy. Behold! The Word of God! I place my feet upon it, and find it an unmovable, everlasting rock. On its broad base I set the full weight of my faith, and find my mind and spirit and soul satisfied, content, forever safe.


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