CD Review: I Sing the Mighty Power of God

I love to hear men sing. This is a general statement, of course, contingent upon the quality of the men’s voice, and the style of music they are singing. I enjoy hearing a well-blended, beautifully sung men’s chorus; I do not enjoy hearing the raw-voiced screaming that passes for music in many circles.

I Sing the Mighty Power of God is an example of the former kind of singing! It is the first men’s CD put out by Sacred Music Services, run by Tim Fisher (the author of the insightful book The Battle for Christian Music, which should be on every conservative Christian’s bookshelf, and which I am planning on reviewing for this blog). They have put out several more men’s CDs, all of excellent calibre; but this one to me is exceptional.

The songs are rich theologically: I Sing the Mighty Power of God; Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise; and Lamb of God. There are often-used and well-loved hymns and gospel songs: Faith of Our Fathers, Were You There, and There’s Room at the Cross. There are also pieces that are lesser known, quite undeservingly: Opened for Me, That Day at Calvary, and Praise Ye the Triune God.

This CD is easy to listen to, but this doesn't mean the songs are weak or tepid doctrinally, or empty of true spirituality. I have been ministered to by many of the songs. Permit me to talk about some of my favourite tracks.

The title track is the standard-setting men's arrangement of I Sing the Mighty Power of God, as far as I’m concerned. The men sing with power, and the piano playing is strong and artistic. The message of God’s majesty comes across loud and clear.

Opened for Me is an older song, written by Merrill Dunlop in 1936. It is a comforting, encouraging song. I have used it in our congregational singing, and will do so again. It is a hymn worth learning.

Another definitive arrangement is of Were You There. This song raises one’s soul to the very threshold of heaven! When the men sing, “Sometimes, I feel like shouting glory, glory, oh glory!” your spirit is irresistibly led to respond with excitement and joy!

Lamb of God is an old hymn, published in 1841, with lyrics by James Deck, accompanied by a new melody. The new melody was written by Ed Rae, who was on the music faculty at Bob Jones University. The music fits marvellously well with the words, and the perfect blend glorifies Jesus Christ in beauty, reverence and joy.

If you are looking for a conservative, excellent, uplifting, encouraging, soul-strengthening CD, this is it. Buy it, listen to it, and let the music enter your bloodstream. You will not be disappointed.

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