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I am currently reading through The Knowledge of the Holy, by A.W. Tozer. I am teaching Theology Proper this semester, and this book is an excellent help. It is comprehensive, yet never dry. It is a book that could be read in a devotional setting as well. The famous preacher Warren Wiersbe said, “A.W. Tozer had the gift of taking a spiritual truth and holding it up to the light so that, like a diamond, every facet was seen and admired.” I highly recommended reading it.

The book is a scholarly, yet worshipful volume, with chapters that cover topics such as God’s self-existence, His eternity, faithfulness and goodness. I have only read the first five chapters, but this book is a bountiful feast that I’m sure I will return to again and again for spiritual nourishment.

I’ll leave you with a quote that will hopefully encourage you to read The Knowledge of the Holy. It is again from Warren Wiersbe: “If a sermon can be compared to light, then A. W. Tozer released a laser beam from the pulpit, a beam that penetrated your heart. If you have never read Tozer—what are you waiting for? Thirty minutes spent in a Tozer essay is often better than a week at a Bible conference.”

The following quote is from Chapter 5, “The Self-existence of God.”

“It is not a cheerful thought that millions of us who live in a land of Bibles, who belong to churches and labor to promote the Christian religion, may yet pass our whole life on this earth without once having thought or tried to think seriously about the being of God. Few of us have let our hearts gaze in wonder at the I AM, the self-existent Self back of which no creature can think. Such thoughts are too painful for us. We prefer to think where it will do more good - about how to build a better mousetrap, for instance, or how to make two blades of grass grow where one grew before. And for this we are now paying a too heavy price in the secularization of our religion and the decay of our inner lives.”

(You can read The Knowledge of the Holy online here, or you can download the .pdf here. Just open the .pdf file in your browser, and select File, then Save Page As.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks. This will make a wonderful book report :)

- Scott

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