CD Review: Proclaim His Name

Since I was a teenager, I have loved Mac Lynch’s voice. As a teenager, I tried to make my high tenor voice sound like his, attempting to emulate his rich, warm tones. To do this as a high tenor, I had to sing in my throat, in a way that would make any professional voice teacher cringe! I later unlearned this bad habit in voice lessons, but I have retained my enjoyment of Mac Lynch’s music. (I have also learned that you need to sing with the voice that God gave you, not trying to force it to sound like someone else’s!)

Proclaim His Name is one of my favourite CDs from THE WILDS. Mac Lynch obtained his B.A. (1976) and M.A. (1979) in sacred music from Bob Jones University. He joined the music staff at THE WILDS in 1988, and is currently their music director. Mac is a composer, arranger, soloist and accomplished pianist, as well as the producer of some of THE WILDS CDs.

For this recording, Mac is joined by Tim Fisher. Tim also received a B.A. and an M.A. from Bob Jones University, and taught on faculty for 9 years. He founded Sacred Music Services in 1998, with a goal of providing sacred music recordings for the home. He is an author, public speaker, composer, arranger, and performer. My speaking so highly of Mac Lynch’s voice isn’t meant to denigrate in any way Tim Fisher’s voice! Tim is a baritone, whose voice has a pleasing smooth and round tone. (Please forgive my florid descriptions of voices. I love music, especially vocal music, and am liable to wax verbose!)

In Proclaim His Name, Mac and Tim sing quite a few duets, as well as solos. They are joined by an orchestra, as well as a choir! This is a heavenly combination, with superb results.

The first track is O Worship the King. This majestic arrangement gave me a love for this old hymn. I wish I knew where to get the arrangement for it!

Before the Throne of God Above is another old hymn. Faye Lopez, who has published hymn arrangements for piano, wrote the music. The result is a stirring song of worship. The words of the hymn continue to encourage me. "Before the throne of God above I have a strong and perfect plea: A great high priest Whose name is Love, Who ever lives and pleads for me! My name is graven on His hands; My name is written on His heart. I know that while in heav'n He stands, No tongue can bid me thence depart."

Our church choir has sung Ashamed of Jesus? twice, I believe. Again, it is an old hymn, set to a beautiful new melody. The title of the CD comes from a line in this song: “No, when I blush be this my shame, That I have not proclaimed His name.” This is a challenging and moving piece.

When I think of the song Rest, I think of a dear lady at my church, Alicia Harrison. She went to heaven a few years ago, and it may have been near that time that I first heard this CD. “All is done, the race has ended; Weary bones are set aside.” Tim’s voice is perfect for this song.

The last track is I Will Go. The words here grew in meaning to me when I realized the chorus is based on a Bible verse, Psalm 71:16: “I will go in the strength of the Lord GOD: I will make mention of thy righteousness, even of thine only.” I love the line in the song that says, “Strengthened with might by His spirit in power, Fully assured that my Captain I know.” We do know Who our Captain is, and that should encourage us to witness boldly.

You can order this CD here for only $5.95 US! If you live in Canada, I believe you will have to order via phone. The number is (864) 268-4760.
The theme of the CD is, in their words, “to praise our glorious Creator.” Listen to this CD with your heart. You will be helped and blessed and moved to praise Him as well!


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